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We make it better

About Us

Why US

Plexus-Technology has been principally engaged in supplying logistics support and introducing new technologies to Pakistani and international militaries and their related organizations.
Plexus-technology provides marketing services and business representation to OEMs and companies who wish to sell, and market their products and require technical local expertise. The company has also offered various indigenous solutions related to system integration and manufacturing.
The strength of the company lies in its reliance on well-thought-out strategies, with centralized decision-making through a Board of Directors and decentralized execution through a qualified and dedicated staff. For the sake of wholesome corporate management, the company has streamlined the working of its various facets, by employing time-tested/proven skills in technical, financial, and legal matters.

Our Core Values



Maintain sustainable growth by creating value in the market; preferred due to its competitiveness, trust, and care.


Provide value-added innovative and reliable products/services/solutions and technologies along with system integration.

Basic Principles of Working

⦁ Ethics:

Development of the outfit in such a manner, that it responds to the requirements of Society, Country, Customers, Employees, Public / State, Principles, and Suppliers. Our basic principles are:-
⦁ Value of honesty and integrity in business.
⦁ Value of honesty and integrity in business.
⦁ Be respectful.
⦁ Meeting client’s requirements most efficiently.
⦁ Working towards vision and mission.

⦁ Rules of Conduct

⦁ Fair and impartial in business relations.
⦁ Comply with relevant rules.
⦁ Always remain presentable.

⦁ Conflict of Interest

Do not make personal agreements or engage in any activities or conduct, which will put us in awkward/at-loss situations.

⦁ Relation with Third Party

we select any entities, dealers, business partners, suppliers, and representatives, in such a manner as to ensure the provision of optimal services to its valued customers.

⦁ Security of Information.

Our employees protect such information and the assets in their custody. Employees shall also protect such properties pertaining to the clients, principles/suppliers, and business partners.

⦁ Confidentiality

Company confidential information shall not be publically discussed both inside and outside the company.

⦁ Methodology of Work.

As an integrated consultancy and trading company, the fundamental objective of our activities is to manage the various risks in a broad array of business areas.
 i. Adaptability
    ⦁ Well-defined strategies and objectives of each business line.
    ⦁ Shifting resources (human resources & risk-adjusted assets) to more profitable or high-potential business lines
ii. Developing Various Businesses by Maximizing “Integrated Corporate Strength
    ⦁ Adding diversified values by realizing strategic and organic integration of our business foundation and functional power.
    ⦁ Promote strategic alliances.
    ⦁ Multiple business partners.
    ⦁ Exploring & and fastening businesses with new technologies.
    ⦁ Promoting logistics-related businesses.
    ⦁ iii. Human Resource Management for Strengthening of Business Foundation
    ⦁ Maintaining professional resources in each area
    ⦁ Allocation of human resources and right person in right place.

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